project reference-logo-white.png

The project reference app on the salesforce app exchange is a ground breaking reference tool to help sales teams product more revenue and customer success teams retain more customers. Project reference was built to fill the massive gap in product offerings that current reference tools providers have created. It was developed from taking current offerings, understanding the missing components, and collecting these thoughts into one place. A full suite of features from a Slack bot to Visualforce page components and personalized nomination and reference rules all help increase reference selling and retention. Rules to nominate clients into the system and rules to prevent references from being burned out from over referencing are all baked into one intuitive and simple platform. 

With project reference tracking revenue associated to reference selling is a breeze. Project reference even has the ability to create a customized reward system for the clients in the reference. All these tools and more are what make project reference the clear choice in reference selling on the Salesforce platform.