Traditionally maintaining a referral system can require an exorbitant amount of work. Orca is a ground breaking multi-feature referral tool that helps sales teams increase more revenue and customer success teams retain clients. Orca’s intuitive interface and infrastructure offer additional features that are not currently available on the SFDC app exchange.

An important aspect of a productive referral program is ensuring clients are not over burdened with too many requests. The Orca employs custom time frequencies that monitor and limit the amount of referral requests.

Orca efficiently manages any company’s referral system for current clients by using a collection of easy to use lightning components, visualforce pages, and notification alerts. Approving the referral validity can be a critical step in the process and Orca uses an intuitive interface to manage customizable rules that enforce this process.

Visualforce pages and lightning components collectively provide quick accessibility for reps to locate reliable and ready referrals. In addition, with Orca reps can quickly mark and track favorite contacts to help expedite a referral search.

Orca’s unique collection of tools coupled with an intuitive and lightning ready UI will soon be offered on the SFDC platform.