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The Batch Master is a tool that can be used by developers and admins to circumnavigate the SFDC imposed batch job limit. Batch Master provides a simple and intuitive process to create, modify, and search for batch jobs. No more worrying about going through the long and arduous process to modify the number of scheduled jobs, a particular job's run time or scope size, or status of the job.Nor will they have to worry about monitoring the status of the job queue and job failures, Batch Master does all this automatically. 

Batch Master also provides functionality for alerting admins when their org is approaching limits on the number of schedule jobs that are in the queue and how many jobs are currently running. When limits are met and more jobs are being created, Batch Master creates another queue to ensure those jobs are going to run. All alert limits are completely customizable to the org and all features are able to be quickly turned off and on at the click of a button, no development or change set deployment required.These alert limits are completely customizable to your org, whether you want them emailed, chatter posted, or sent to an API, Batch Master is able to accommodate those requests. You can use the Batch Master app in conjunction with the batch resource here to further enhance your app experience. These resources will enable you to gain even more insights into the batch job results. 

Batch Master was built because limits are horrible and should be broken. Developers and architects shouldn't be bogged down by the tick-tacky limits Salesforce imposes. 

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