Batch Master

The Batch Master is a Salesforce native application for developers and admins to circumnavigate the SFDC batch job limit. Batch Master provides a simple and intuitive process to create, modify, and search for batch jobs. Admins and developers will no longer need to navigate through the current complicated process to modify a job's run time, scope size, or status. Nor will they have to worry about monitoring the job queue and job failures, Batch Master does all this automatically. 

Batch Master also provides functionality for alerting admins when their org is approaching critical volume limits, including the number of queued scheduled jobs and currently running jobs. In the event limits are being approached and more jobs are being created, Batch Master automatically creates another custom queue that ensures these new jobs will execute. This effectively eliminates the standard queue and allows for hundreds of jobs to move forward. Limit alerts are completely customizable to your org and all features are able to be quickly toggled on and off, no development or change set deployment required. Lastly, Batch Master allows alerts to be emailed, chattered, or sent to an API.

Limits restrict productivity and Batch Master was created with this in mind. With Batch Master, developers and admins will power through any Salesforce limit that can slow them down.