Scott Grimes

As the lead Salesforce engineer at Procore Technologies in Austin, Texas I spearhead the design and development of our SFDC business processes and data infrastructure. My responsibilities include developing and maintaining the SFDC architecture for Procore's business processes, data rules, and integrations; developing slack-bots to streamline data accessibility and increase employee productivity; continually auditing our SFDC environment to reduce tech-debt; and creating documentation to provide visibility into the SFDC architecture for non-technical users. 

I enjoy building new tools that help our sales team, customer success department, and executive leadership make informed data driven decisions. On this site, you'll find a collection of references and guides on how to develop a dynamic APEX infrastructure that enables you to streamline future SFDC development and increase code efficiency.

Below you'll find some content that inspires and interests me and hopefully you as well.



If you do what is easy your life will be hard

-les brown


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

 - john wooden